Nathalie Beras, born in Martinique in 1970, lives and works in New Orleans.

She was only 12 when she discovered Fauvism and found her true calling. The wild liberation of colour achieved by Matisse, and later by Vlaminck and Marquet, fascinated her. Embracing a career in diplomacy, she worked in several embassies in Russia and Central Asia, then spent five years as the director of the Russian art department at Sotheby’s, Paris.

In 2012, she worked on a series of paintings that showcased her passion for tribal art before dedicating herself to the vibration of colours and matter in abstract variations.

In this series, colour dominates the pictorial space, allowing flamboyant hues to evolve on the canvas without formal constraints. The fragmented strokes intermingle and cross in a dialogue between colours and light, reminiscent of stained glass windows. The adjacent, modelled pigments form emotive architectural shapes in which the emotions of the artist resonate at a tempo that is slow or fast by turns.

In 2017, while reading the works of Édouard Glissant, her childhood in the islands of Martinique and Tahiti resurfaced like a deep history, subliminal, but powerful and essential, leading to the revelation of her aesthetic and the creation of an archipelago of islands.


Jury prize for the Salon des Beaux Arts

Knight of the National Order of Merit

Member of the Société Nationale des Beaux Arts (France)